Saturday, August 15, 2009

Souffle au Fromage, Breakfast 8/15/09 11:30 AM

Souffle au fromage, garden tomatoes, crispy thick bacon

Wanted to get my Julia groove on early and praised her throughout for her dedication and precision. I used the 8" diameter Bennington Potter dish Stephen gave me. The recommended 6" or 4" diameter dishes would have given more height.

I lined the buttered dish with homemade breadcrumbs and this made the edge and bottom delicious. The interior was creamy and smooth; I stuck strictly to the recommended seasoning levels to be sure I got that taste.

If you're feeding someone like Rudy, be sure to heed Julia's advice: There should be no lingering when a souffle is to be eaten. Julia's words and food made for a special Saturday morning at-home for two.


Peter & Frank Wirmusky said...

What a lovely picture brother - I would die for a piece of that bacon and your soufflé looks so tasty...did stephen give you that bennington pottery dish? i'm jealous - willian would have broken that years ago!

Frank said...

It has a small chip on the bottom but you can't see it. The chip makes me think I bought it myself cuz you know I only buy seconds at Bennington Potters!