Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Julia - Soufflé de Crabe

Sorry for the order of the pictures - still learning!

I just put the scallops in the little food processor and they were puree in seconds. The Madeira wine really made the dish - and the scallops provided some complexity that made it rich and filling.

The recipe called for ground flounder but I used scallops instead.

It was a lovely day and we ate outside and finished the whole thing between the two us.

I served it with Champagne de Lattaignant - one of the last bottles from our trip to Reims.

I gave the smaller one to our Thai neighboor - she's always making things for us.

My mixture with the flour, butter, milk and egg yolks was thinner than what Julia said it should be - but it got so thick I added a little white wine. I used gruyere on the pans and emmentaler in the souffle - I added the cheese to the egg yolk mixture instead of the egg whites.

Didn't have any trouble with the egg whites - just a pinch of salt.

Lobster would have been easier - It only took me about a half hour to shell the crab!
I coulnd't get lobster because of the annual mussel festival in Yerseke - all the streets were closed - couldn't get chicken food either! So I opted for crab claws at the fish store in Goes.

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