Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank you DMJ!

Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a wonderful gift - thank you darling! I've never made a souffle and I think Julia is the right person to teach me. I'm going to try the souffle de poisson or even better the souffle de homard! I think I'll try making the souffle first before tackeling the sauce mousseline sabayon.


Peter & Frank Wirmusky said...

I just read Julia's introduction - you're right DMJ - it's a good read. I loved how she explained the title to the first serie the French Chef ..."since I am niether one nor the other." ....I always thought she was French with that funny that I'm wiser I see the New Englandness of it. I also thought of my brother Stephen and understand now why he was such a BIG Julia fan...she states ..."you've got all the directions and if you can read you can cook." Such a Peter positive attitude that even I don't believe anymore!

Shay said...

What a wonderful treat I had this morning when I heard Julia's voice. NPR repeating an old interview. Peter is right about the New Englandness. Ironically, I caught the part when she talks about not sipping wine while cooking. She was appalled that someone reported she lifted the bottle and sipped directly from it, something she did not do or would even consider .. Okay, I am inspired, remember if you can read, you can cook. All day today, I will relish in the thought of cooking like Julia or to be more realistic it's a giant step for me to be blogging about Julia!! Thanks Peter and Frank!