Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday preparations - soufflé de homard

Martha is not the only one with her own fresh eggs. I've decided to go for the soufflé - here's the recipe - just in case you want to try and don't have the book.
soufflé de homard
- prepare your mold with a tsp of butter and 1 tlb of grated swiss cheese
- melt 2 1/2 tsp of flour with 3 tlb of butter - add 1 cup boiling milk - add 3/4 ground raw flounder filets (not sure i'll use flounder - will let you know) and cook for 2 minutes
- off the heat beat in 4 egg yolks - salt and pepper
- earlier having prepared the 2/3 cup diced lobster in 2 tlb of butter en 3 tlb of madeira, just melt all the shit together and boil off the liquid quickly and let it cool off
- whip 5 egg whites stiff with salt and 1/3 cup grated swiss cheese and gently fold this into the soufflé base sauce you just made
- layer egg whites in mold - lobster - egg whites - lobster - egg whites
- sprinkle with grated cheese
- bake in middle of oven starting at 400 - reducing to 375 - 30 minutes
- serve immediately
I'll take pictures tomorrow and let you know how it all worked out. I'm thinking about serving it with
sauce mousseline sabayon
- heat over low heat 3 egg yolks - 1/2 cup cream - 1/4 cup fish liquor - don't overheat!
- when it starts to thicken take it off the heat and beat in 6 oz of butter 1 oz at a time.
It's another serve immediately. Very demanding this French cooking!

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