Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Julia's Sauce Bearnaise

On August 2nd I made my first Bearnaise. I've certainly eaten my fair share in restaurants but never attempted to make it on my own. But I wasn't alone. Julia's recipe was written beautifully and I followed Peter's advice to read it three times. I felt like an expert and the result was perfect. BTW, I grew my own tarragon this summer so it was cut minutes before using, rather than the often wilted stuff from the grocery store. It made a difference. I served it with steak for my Man.
DMJ in Brooklyn

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Peter & Frank Wirmusky said...

It looks fabulous darling - the last time I made it I cooked it too long and it separated and I had to throw it out - haven't made it since - but that picture makes it look so appetizing I might have to try it this weekend....me love bernaise!